I just watched VH1s Top 100 Hard Rock songs……

April 11, 2009 at 1:27 am (Music)

…And I HAD to complain about it!

First of all, the whole show is hosted by Brett Michaels….IS POISON HARD ROCK? If you think so, stop reading my blog right now..infact, you might as well stop listening to music. Now, I have nothing against Brett (although he was particularly annoying and dense in this countdown), but please…their was no one else available? Tony Iommi? Scott Ian? At least someone who actually played in a hard rock or metal band?

Secondly, (SPOILER ALERT) they chose Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses as the number one song. Guns and Roses was a great band in the 80s and early 90s, but man, they weren’t that good. Welcome to the Jungle has exploded in recent times and has become a mainstream hit which is probably why it was selected at #1, but their are just so many other good songs to choose from, not the least of which includes Freebird (which finished outside the top 20) and Stairway to Heaven (which WASN’T EVEN ON THE LIST).

I don’t want to break down the entire thing for you, but their were some noticeable omissions and crazy selections that mired the whole list for me (The Final Countdown is a top 100 Had Rock song?)…One Megadeth song (Peace Sells), and only one Metallica song (Enter Sandman)? Yikes.

Stuff like this just proves to me that the mainstream media doesn’t really know what good music is anymore. With publications such as “The Rolling Stone” naming Kurt Cobain as one of the greatest guitarists ever, and glorified boy bands like the Jonas Brothers topping the charts, the true music aficionado is forced to dig deep in today’s current music scene to find something truly worthwhile. Musicianship appears to be all but dead in current music.



  1. Becca said,

    Amen to that. I personally think pop is fun to listen to on the radio, but screw live performances. The real talent lies in less mainstream pop/rock and further down that line..

    musicianship seems to be fading away, I agree..

  2. Bart King said,

    What you have just described boggles the mind. They probably didn’t even have Anvil in the top 100!

  3. jonathancadien said,

    A Canadian hard rock band? Does one even exist? With all kidding aside, Anvil could shred!

  4. Robert said,

    The list is just bogus. It isn’t hard rock unless there is a flute in it!

    • jonathancadien said,

      Jethro Tull…..WOOO

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