Losing a friend….

April 11, 2009 at 5:30 pm (Misc)

The longer i get into my life the more I realize how important pets are. Despite how cruel and unflinching the outside world can be, pets manage to put the good stuff into the forefront of our lives. They teach us lessons, even in death, which help us to lead a better and more meaningful existence. I lost one of my dogs today. He had lung cancer and was in pain and thus it was necessary, but I find myself almost beyond tears for the gaping hole he is going to leave in my life. Dealing with grief is a skill I haven’t yet perfected, so I find myself staring blankly at puppy photos and other mementos to try and remember the times that made this animal special too me. Like the time he ate my brothers birthday cake (I think he is still mad!), or the countless times he found it in his heart to make me happy when I was sad. I am going to miss him with all of my heart, and although I know I will get over it eventually, I also know there will always be something missing. Goodbye old friend.

Cosmo Cadien (2001-2009)



  1. Abby said,

    yup– dogs are so important. I will always remember Cosmo and I miss him a lot!

  2. Ruth said,

    I didn’t ever live with him, and he still made me happy! Grief is a process that you have to learn how to deal with on your own, and it looks like one way you cope is by writing. Good for you! I will keep reading…

  3. Dori said,

    I had no idea Cosmo ate Adam’s Birthday cake- good story! Good website by the way- awesome!

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