April 13, 2009 at 8:47 pm (Sports)

Here is a list of Minor League Baseball prospects that believe have the potential to be stars in the majors, but aren’t getting much publicity. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion!

    Christian Friedrich

  • Zach Britton, LHP, Baltimore Orioles: Although Baltimore is chalk full of young pitching talent, I think Britton has a chance to be a standout from the bunch. Zack boasts a mid 90’s fastball with good movement, a solid slider, and an improving changeup…not a bad arsenal for a lanky 21 year old left hander. He will begin this year in the Cal League (A+) and if he does well, look for him to be fast tracked.
  • Rashun Dixon, OF, Oakland Athletics: Can you say massive upside? What Dixon lacks in polish and experience he makes up for in tools: there are not many players in the minors that can match his raw power and speed combination. It is too early to tell how fast Dixon will progress, but he does have a good work ethic, so look for this guy to become a high profile prospect sooner rather than later.
  • Denny Almonte, OF, Seattle Mariners: A switch hitter with power, speed, and plus plus athleticism? Like Dixon Almonte if fairly raw, but man, you have to love that ceiling. If he can improve his batting eye and SB% rate, watch this guy become one of the best prospects in the M’s organization.
  • Isaac Galloway, OF, Florida Marlins: Many scouts and baseball fans alike have heard about Galloway, an athletic five tool outfield prospect, but his name has been under the radar lately due to his fall in the 2008 Draft (he went in the 8th round). Galloway has all of the makings to become a star player in the majors, he just needs a bit more seasoning.
  • Jhardmidy Dejesus, 3B, Seattle Mariners: This guy has the complete package. Despite his young age (19 years of age), Dejesus has an advanced feel for the game and will likely be fast tracked by the Mariners if all goes well in A ball this year. He projects to hit for both power and average in the bigs…he also has the tools to become a good defensive 3B. He may not have 1st rate speed, but he also isn’t a base clogger. Look for this guy to be competing with Carlos Triunfel for best prospect honors for the M’s in 2010.
  • Christian Friedrich, LHP, Colorado Rockies: Oh no, a Rockies pitching prospect! Not many pitchers have a good four pitch mix…even less have that four pitch mix coming from the left side. Although Friedrich’s ceiling may not be that of an ace pitcher, look for this guy to flourish in the minors and become a good #3 or #2 starter in the majors.
  • Angel Morales, OF, Minnesota Twins:Another guy with tools galore that just needs polish. Angel destroyed the Appalachian League last year posting a 1.036 OPS in 180+ at bats…he has massive power potential to go along with good speed, but his batting eye does need some work. Look for him to go off in the 2nd half of the 2009 season.

That’s all for now folks. Let me know if I missed anyone!



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  1. Robert said,

    I see two Mariners on your list! Hopefully the new GM won’t trade away all our good prospects for questionable veteran pitchers before they get a chance to put on a Mariners jersey.

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