“Hammer Ons” and “Pull Offs”….

April 16, 2009 at 12:24 am (Music)

Tenacious D
For people like myself who really enjoy intricate and fast paced songs, hammer ons and pull offs are a must have. They allow guitarists to quickly play long and complicated riffs without having to strum every note…many of my favorite songs would be impossible to play without this technique! Its really hard to explain exactly what these techniques are, but they are easy to hear. I will give you an example with a riff from Tenacious D’s “The Metal”:

Without hammer ons and pull offs: Audio File One

As you can hear, the riff sounds rough and unrythmic when each note is picked separately. Now listen to the same riff with played using these two techniques:

With hammer ons and pull offs: Audio File Two

The riff sounds much more fluid and is played at a much faster pace thus making it sound better! Next time you listen to a Slayer or Megadeth song, remember hammer ons and pulloffs because they make that type of music possible.


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