My Luxurious Recording Studio and Warmup……

April 16, 2009 at 10:58 pm (Music)

I thought I might as well give you guys a glimpse of the space I am working in to record these audio snippets….I don’t mean to brag but it is really impressive. Without further ado…..


Pretty nice huh? That head set in the foreground is how I am getting the audio into my computer…I hope to upgrade to a microphone soon! Anyways, I have been getting a few other articles ready so be on the lookout for those. I decided to record my warm up to post with the picture to try and give you an idea of how I limber my fingers up; it is imperative to have stretched and fast fingers when you a are getting ready to play show or something of that nature. My warms ups tend to include riffs that I am familiar with that stretch my hands as well as tapping and numerous other little things. About half way though I started to  practice using the “kill switch” on my guitar (which I will bring up later). Here it is (disclaimer: it is quite long so it will take a while to load): My Guitar Warmup.


1 Comment

  1. Robert said,

    You mean the crib is not a permanent fixture in your room?

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