On the Brink: Brett Cecil

April 17, 2009 at 12:36 am (Sports)

Brett Cecil

DOB: 07/02/1986

Frame: 6′2, 225lbs

Stuff: A four seam fastball (92-95 MPH, heavy downward movement), a plus slider (elite strikeout pitch in the making), as well as a change up and a curve (both behind the two other pitches)

The Past: Here is an article I wrote about Cecil last year:

Brett Cecil, a supplemental first round pick from the 2007 MLB draft, has quickly risen to the top of the Toronto Blue Jays farm system despite rumours of arm weakness early in the season. Cecil, 22, is now the youngest pitcher on Toronto’s AAA affiliate Syracuse, and has logged 100 innings dismissing concerns that his arm could not handle the additional innings that come with being a starting pitcher. Brett is a big and tall lefty (225 lbs, 6-2), who owns a plus fastball that is usually thrown in the 92-93mph range (with heavy downward movement), and a plus slider which many scouts already consider a major league out pitch. At Maryland, a division 1-A program college program, Cecil was a closer and posted a 3.32 ERA in 60+ innings of work. Despite Cecil’s short time as a reliever, he was always a starter at heart. “I was always a starter in high school and I went to college as a starter and to play first base.  But it is tough to go both ways in college, you have to be a real athlete to do it, not saying I am not an athlete but it is a lot of hard work.  We had a new pitching coach my sophomore year in college and he came in and said whoever throws the hardest will be the closer and that happened to be me…”, Cecil said in a interview with TheBattersBox.com. “From what my agent said before the draft most teams saw me as a starter.  I think it’s for the best, I like starting, I like being able to use all my pitches and I like being out there for more than one or two innings.” Although Cecil is currently struggling in AAA (7.94 ERA in 11.1 IP), he has made a great impression on the Blue Jays organization; we could Brett in the majors as soon as next season.





The Present: Cecil found himself back at the Blue Jays AAA affiliate (Las Vegas) at the start of the 2009 season. Through one start Cecil has a 4.50 ERA, with a .222 BAA.

The Future: With the Blue Jays pitching staff filled with oft injured pitchers, it is just a matter of time before Cecil is in the starting rotation. Look for him to make his a debut sometime this summer.


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