Happy 4/20….

April 20, 2009 at 8:41 pm (Misc)

As some of you may know, today, April 20th, is National Marijuana day. When I was in high school this “holiday” meant a lot to me, but I have found that as I have matured, I can’t help but regret the amount of time I wasted using that stuff. I am all for the legalization of Cannabis for several reasons (takes away drug cartel money flow, creates jobs, revenue for the government through taxation, etc..), but I would discourage anyone from becoming a chronic user like I was. As I look back now, I began using weed to fit in with a group of people…I know, stupid right? Pretty soon after that I started to rely on marijuana to chill me out and make me happy. Its not truly addictive like other harder drugs are, but the psychological need can get pretty strong after you have used for a while. I would encourage people to try it atleast once, just to get some perspective…I see politicians talk about the “evil of marijuana” and it just makes me laugh…If any of them bothered to sit down and try it they would realize how harmless it truly is. I haven’t smoked in several months now, and although I miss it sporadically (or at least the things associated with it), I can see where the some of the detractors are coming from. Anyways, for the people that are choosing to celebrate 4/20, have a happy and safe time!



  1. Kevin said,

    all comes down to the person. Alcohol isn’t for everyone, especially regular use. Some people can drink a beer or 2 a day, or get drunk once a month and live a healthy life. Some people live drunk. The same rules apply to marijuana. Some people can handle occasional use with no dependency or life-altering psychological problems. Some people smoke and sit on the couch and do nothing with their life like you see on the commercials. Equate it to food. Can you eat donuts everyday and still be fit? Good for you. Are you fat? Stop eating so many donuts. Smoke a bowl every day and have a productive successful life? Awesome. Are you broke and lazy? Stop smoking weed.

  2. Abby said,

    My little Jon is growing up.

  3. Chris said,

    Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

  4. Robert said,

    Drugs are good, mmmkay. Pass me the joint.

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