Songwriting vs. Musicianship

April 30, 2009 at 10:06 pm (Misc)

Kurt Cobain

This question, although very straightforward, is EXTREMELY tough for me to answer, especially now as I try and write lyrics for my own tunes. I listen to songs from supposedly great song writers like Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell and cant help but think that most of the popular stuff they have written is just completely random…People read WAY to far into their lyrics and call them geniuses when in fact most of these memorable lines are merely drunken ramblings (Ina-gadda-davida comes to mind). The issue with this is that its very hard to create a memorable piece of poetry, meaningful or not; I plan on becoming a professional writer sometime in the future, and still I find myself hunched over a notebook for hours trying to come up with something catchy….needlessly to say my creative well seems to be dry. On the other hand, as a musician, I truly appreciate bands that let the music do the talking for them. I will take a great guitar riff over a solid vocal chorus everytime… I will be the first to admit that musicianship is rare in today’s musical scene, but aren’t great lyricists also rare? This is just a topic to ponder over, I look forward to seeing the results!

Also, as a side not, I hope that all those in areas effected by Swine Flu remain safe…I think the media is largely blowing this disease out of proportion (see SARS and Avian Flu), but it is still pretty scary thing, especially with the lack of security around the US-Mexican border. Be smart: wash your hands, cover your mouth, etc…I know it all sounds really cliche, but it really is truly important!



  1. Ruth said,

    I can’t wait to hear your first song! And ALL writers spend a decent amount of time at a loss for words; hence the term “writer’s block.” Give yourself some time. One day, when you least expect it, it will all come spilling out of you. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. john schomisch said,

    I recently wrote a song”she neve cryed in front of me ” It was stolen and produced by toby keith. I put it on paper one time it was stolen that day, Some one told me they were gonna steel it and sell it over the internet. they did ,I know it I know them,yet I havent 300.00 to prove it police wont even help, protect your music from the moment you put it on paper mister,That song went number one I had nine more to go with it I write w/vince gill in mind amagin if he were to have gotten that song…I have written for twenty seven years songs just will come to you in everyday lie just dont stop liveing.This comming from a man that suffers from a condition called suiside headaches.I go days or weeks without an idea but when it happens i usualy get two or three ideas and ge with em I have written five songs once took a vers from each one and had somthing special, SHE never cried was sort of that way ,It took three years to werite that song I got one that has taken over twenty it put em to tears in the 80’S nwhen it was an idea,Ill never be anything in this bussiness due to the fact i suffer seizures several times a day,But if you make it big I got songs way better than she never cried in front of me but I wont put em in contest and ill only collaborate with some one that has a hit or I like the music they have produced after this toby thing I got alot of confidance if fact I may just end up in jail or pruison over the whole deal I have a blog on yahoo 360 if you interested in what our nation could be if we killed the 30,000 capitalist that have more income tyhan the other 299,970,000 of the rest of us democrats andf republicans good question I hpe you learned from my comment if we all tryed to exspand each others knowledg ,and learn from one anothers opinion,in this country rather than undermine one onother by manipulation to force ther objectives there would be no reson in this world for anyone to feel as though they have to teach any one a lesson
    As far as making a hit song the lyrics are the most important part obviously But I dident have enough meds in my life to have the capasity to learn untill recently,my idea behind the music is that it has to fit the song in order for it to complyment the lyrics properly, the music almost has to say the words in sort of a humm. I wrote thinking of the music to go along with my songs in my head for twenty yrs when I finnaly picked up a gutar it only took me two months or so I had the right cords and the songs sounded as though they had come to fit the song as i had immagined it not the song to fit the music, thats where musitions I think tend to lack in song writing skills some pick up the instument and can play but have no concept of rymn or reson the words just sound indiferent the music, Probably the most Important part of writing songs is making sure you have the right combination of who what when and were and why ,you dont have to have them all in a song just the right combination to strees the right point at the right time .its like getting layed its only gonna happen for a guy if he has the right word at the right time for all involved you can have the music but if you dont start with the right words to go with it its only gonna sound good to you

  3. john schomisch said,

    sorry i forgot to edit my comment,not much of a writer technechly just a very deep thinker that cant sing but writes listening a butifule voice in my mind.Immagination is key

  4. TK said,

    John Schomisch is a crazy fucker…

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