Flying Under the Radar: Danny Espinosa

May 1, 2009 at 1:09 am (Sports)

Danny Espinosa
Although mostly known for his glove at short stop, Danny Espinosa has been crushing the ball during these first few weeks of the 2009 minor league baseball season. Espinosa, a 3rd round pick by the Nationals in 2008 draft, comes from a long line of successful Long Beach State short stops (Bobby Crosby and Troy Tulowitzki are two notables)….and as of yet, he hasn’t disappointed. Through 63 at bats, Danny has posted a fantastic .961 OPS (.317 average), with 8 doubles and 1 HR. If that isnt enough, he has also been successful on the base-paths (7 steals in 20 games).With MLB ready tools at short (including plus arm strength), Espinosa will likely be short-tracked to the majors if he continues to hit….Watch out for this guy in the future! Although their hasn’t been much buzz about him lately, it is just a matter of time before MilB affiliates such as Baseball America start noticing him.


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