Juxtaposition in Music…..

May 4, 2009 at 12:47 am (Music)

Siamese Dream
Hey gang, sorry again for the long time period between posts…I just haven’t really been motivated lately. As the temperature continues to increase as we enter the summer months, my ability to do stuff is hampered by my need to be outside lounging and getting tan for the ladies… Anyways, I thought I would take this lazy Sunday afternoon to talk about something that was pointed out to me by my brother in law Rob a few weeks ago. He mentioned that a life insurance company had the Smashing Pumpkin’s “Today” in one of their commercials…The irony of this, of course, is that “Today” is about suicide…Life insurance and suicide go hand in hand right? Its almost as if this particular company is trying to connect with the “Death of Salesman” consumers out there (for those that don’t get the literary reference to “Death of Salesman”, study up!) With all jokes aside, it is obvious that the company used the song because it has a catchy and cheerful beat to it, despite having dark lyrics. This juxtaposition has become more and more common in the music industry today, and I personally find it very interesting….It somehow causes you to look at a subject in a different light. Using “Today” as an example, suicide is generally extremely taboo and..well…depressing. But when listening to the lyrics combined with a generally upbeat rhythm, you kind of get to see the other side of it…Now I am not saying this song has subliminal messages in it that makes you suicidal, but I guess it kind of just extenuates the beauty of life compared to death…I am sure I lost a few of you their, but its really just a hard thing to describe altogether. What do you think about juxtaposition in music today (upbeat lyrics + sad music/sad lyrics + upbeat lyrics)? Thanks for the read!


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  1. Robert said,

    It was a credit card commercial (Visa), but still the same idea. With all the issues going on in the financial industry you would think a song about suicide would not be on you list of choices to spend thousands of dollars to license. Especially when you have CFO’s of other companies killing themselves.

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