Promoted: Kyle Drabek movin’ on up to AA

June 1, 2009 at 6:37 pm (Sports)

After a tremendous run in the FSL league (A+), including a complete game shutout in his last start, Kyle Drabek is headed up to AA. Drabek, 21, has always had the stuff necessary to dominate his opposition (97 MPH FB with movement, a CRAZY spike curve, and a ML average change up), but makeup has always been his primary roadblock. Many scouts criticized his cocky demeanor on the mound….those same scouts also cited his issues with the law (underage alcohol abuse) as a potential major issue down the road. Despite his critics, it seems like Drabek has started to mature, and his performance on the mound has been truly fantastic. Look for GREAT things from this kid.

With this promotion already discussed, I leave you with a poll: With the Phillies ML pitching situation in shambles (Brett Meyers is out for the entire year), could we see Drabek fast tracked to the majors by the end of the year? Its a legitimate question, especially when considering how well he has been pitching, and how poor Carlos Carrasco (a top Phillies pitching prospect in AAA) has been throwing this year. Vote!


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