Alternate Picking Exercise

June 5, 2009 at 3:45 am (Music)

I thought I would share another exercise with you guys that can help with really fast alternate picking. I scanned in a sample tab as well, here is what it looks like:


– Over the first repetition on the tab, I have the picking rythmn (U= pick Up, D=pick Down). Over the second repetion I have the finger structure (1: pointer finger, 2: middle finger, 3: ring finger, 4: pinky). This tab should sound like this: Alternate Picking Exercise.

The key with getting better at speed picking is starting out slow; play this riff 10 or so times at 4:4 timing, then speed up from there. Make sure you have a good solid pick as well, that is always key to playing stuff like this really fast; I tend to choke way up on my pick when doing this as well to produce a better cadance for my picking hand.


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