Sorry for the lack of new material…

June 25, 2009 at 3:10 am (Misc)

Things have been really busy lately and I havent had the time nor motivation to type up some original stuff for the blog. I am hoping to get my shit together soon so I can start writing again, and will definitly have a new post up tommorow. On a completely random side note, is anyone else tired of all of North Korea’s bullshit? Honestly, the only reason that country holds any weight in the current political landscape is becuase China stands behind it (i.e. the muscle behind the talk). Eventually China will realize how fucked up the leadership in Korea is….I just hope that this realization comes before a declaration of war that could spark a third world war. I will leave you with that bit of cyncistic, “fear mongering”, and downright scary idea for now.


1 Comment

  1. abbybernd said,

    Insane people with nukes is never a good thing- SCARY!

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