My First Attempt At Lyric Writing…

July 5, 2009 at 10:17 pm (Music)

Alice in Chains

Hey gang, sorry for yet another long layover between posts; I really haven’t had the motivation to do anything these last few weeks, so don’t take it personally. I have an operation later this week (Gastroscopy…yikes), as well the GEDs so I probably wont have another post up for a week or so. Anyways, I figured I would show you guys a song I have been working on. I haven’t been able to match these lyrics with music yet (working on it), but they seem pretty promising. I am not too good at singing, so, I think it will be a while before you hear a complete song from me. Without further ado, here is “Modern Man“:

“The Meaning of life

written on my Walls

but I’m Illiterate.

The Truth in Lies;

Politics right?

Ignorance is bliss,

isn’t it?

Holier than thou;

maybe I am,

yet still I follow.

Over the Edge.

Fear engulfs;

stoked by those

we trust.

Blinded by faith

(no I’m not)

Chained by values

(no I’m not)

Disarmed by conscience

(no I’m not)

I am a modern man, (Whoo)”

It  clearly still needs some work (Id like to get each stanza into four lines instead of 3 and 4), but it is coming along. Let me know what you think!



  1. abbybernd said,

    it could be a megadeath song!

  2. Ruth said,

    I like it– very deep. Is it for the song that Bryce and I listened to? I can’t wait to hear it all together!

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