Long time no see…

September 3, 2009 at 9:12 pm (Misc, Music)

Man its been a while since I have updated this blog! Sorry for those of you who have looked forward to a new post; life has caught up with me and I have had to take some time out from my hobbies (such as writing on this blog) to plan for my future. I will be moving from Edmonton (AB, CA) to Eugene, Oregon to attend school…I have an apartment with a buddy of mine, and it should be a great year. I hope to study either music or journalism, but hey, I guess anything is possible. Anyways, for those of you that are interested, I opened up a youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/soccerman034

This channel should contain music and sports content, so stay tuned! I have also been writing quite a bit lately, and I look forward to posting some of my stuff on the blog. Thanks for the reading!


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Sorry for the lack of new material…

June 25, 2009 at 3:10 am (Misc)

Things have been really busy lately and I havent had the time nor motivation to type up some original stuff for the blog. I am hoping to get my shit together soon so I can start writing again, and will definitly have a new post up tommorow. On a completely random side note, is anyone else tired of all of North Korea’s bullshit? Honestly, the only reason that country holds any weight in the current political landscape is becuase China stands behind it (i.e. the muscle behind the talk). Eventually China will realize how fucked up the leadership in Korea is….I just hope that this realization comes before a declaration of war that could spark a third world war. I will leave you with that bit of cyncistic, “fear mongering”, and downright scary idea for now.

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Remembering D-Day (06-06-2009)…

June 7, 2009 at 1:43 am (Misc)


As many of you know, today (the 6th of June) 65 years ago, soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy. I couldn’t really think of a way to sum up my feelings about D-Day and the soldiers that fought in that battle, so I wrote a poem. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

D-Day Remembrance Poem: (by Jonathan Cadien, 06/06/2009)

A cool sea breeze,

chases tears

out of blood shot eyes.

A silent prayer is shared

by men,

by boys;

by those who will be

the sacrificial lamb

for the masses.

The icy ocean churns,

slowly sweeping the tiny boat

towards the destiny that resides at the shore.

Evil exists,

it is said,

where good men choose to stand idle

against the forces of oppression.

Yet these men are not idle;

They run towards death in a tiny vessel

to save the lives of the innocent,

and to redeem the wicked.

Nerves abound now,

as the beach grows closer.

Machine gun fire pierces the air above,

filling the boat with a cacophonous echo

that reverberates

down into the soul of each man.

As the boat hits solid earth,

the men hold still,

only for a moment.

For what is life but

a series of moments?

And how many men

have moments such as these?

A moment of pure clarity;

the preciousness of life

described through memories

flash through the mind of each man.

But it is too late.

The moment passes and adrenaline

now fills the tiny vessel.

Muscles flex, breathing ceases.

What first began as a whisper,

erupts as a scream from each solider,

as the doors of the ship open.

Each man runs forward

into the jaws of hell.

Chaos reigns.

As always, thanks for the read!

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A crossroads in my life…

June 4, 2009 at 9:39 pm (Misc)

Sports was really my first love in life. From playing kick n’ chase soccer, to little league, I loved everything about sports; it made me part of a group, and allowed me to satisfy my competitive nature. But I think the biggest thing sports gave me was heroes. Don’t get me wrong, I had/have other heroes as well; the writer of “Fight Club”, Chuck Palahniuk, once said that most Christian boys growing up in the 20th century modeled their views on God after their father, and I am a whole-hearted believer in that quote. My father has always been the embodiment of moral and ethical reason , and I have a feeling that that will never change, but sporting figures were right up there with my father, shaping and molding my life with their actions both on and off the field. The mythical achievements of guys like Vince Lombardi, Lou Gehrig, and Ken Dryden were more than simple bed time stories to me. They represented pure and utter greatness. These professional athletes were true giants to me then, and to some degree they still are, but something has begun to change. As seen in prior blog posts, I am a huge fan of minor league baseball. For me, it represents a cleaner and more historic replica of what the game was when guys like Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner played the game. I have looked up to these athletes just like any of the pros, even as I dissected their potential and ruled on whether they would become stars in the big time or not. As time has gone on, and I got older (currently 19 and a half), these sporting phenoms have not aged a bit. Like the famous quote by Matthew McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused”: “That’s why I love these high school girls: I keep getting older and they stay the same age.” Some of these minor league stars that I glorify so much are quickly becoming even younger than I am….This realization has caused me to both yearn for my childhood and look ahead to the future. Who will I look up to now? Many of these young athletes ( I realize now) are as scared shit-less as I am about the future and entering the “Real World.” Many of them are even less prepared than I am to face the harsh and often brutal realities of an adult life. Times likes these, when we think introspectively about the past and the future don’t occur often, and I feel as if this is a major cross road in my life. Are these athletes really that important? Hell, are sports in general really anything more than entertainment? Thoughts like these tumble through my mind as I move forward to college, where I will decide whether I want to pursue a career in the sports world, or whether I want to pursue something else. In the end, I think we all must decide what we consider to be important in our lives… It may be difficult as the definition of “important” is often fluid and hard to identify, but I think that this whole process is just part of becoming an adult and defining ourselves as in individuals in this world. Children praise athletes like gods; can adults do the same? I will be finding this out in the coming months.

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Sorry for the long delay again…

May 18, 2009 at 7:05 pm (Misc)

I had a MASSIVE allergic reaction to an antibiotic three days ago or so, and have been going through my own dermatological hell since then. The reaction was so bad (itchy red body hives, high fever) that I was unable to sleep until last night (39.5 hours awake…new record?)…Needlessly to say, I have been in no condition to even be on my computer, let alone write out a thoughtful masterpiece as I normally do (someone really needs to create the means to denote sarcasm in writing). I am feeling a bit better after a good night of sleep, and you can expect a post sometime this afternoon or tomorrow. Sorry again!


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Tragedy vs. Stupidity

May 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm (Misc)

This post is going to be a little off the wall, but I on a topic that I feel really strongly about. In a recent news story here in Edmonton, a 14 year old girl died due to an ecstasy overdose. I will be the first one to admit that this is truly sad, but the way the girl is portrayed is what really hits me. In the news article, the girl is called a “victim”….I might be in the minority on this one, but any 14 year old who does drugs knows full well the consequences of what they are doing. It may seem calloused on my part, but I think that she is only a victim of her own stupidity; especially after reading that she took six ecstasy tablets, a large dose for anyone let alone a 14 year old female.

This whole story is just a micro-chasm of the world we live in today: blame others before we blame ourselves. We make choices everyday that positively or negatively affect the people around us; this young lady made the choice to ingest a dangerous drug, and thus has paid the consequences. The death of young person is always tragic, but is she really a victim of the drug itself? I don’t think she is. We as a people need to start taking responsibility for our actions and stop blaming this things around us that make this actions possible.

Sorry if this post seems a bit random and/or cruel, but it really just struck a nerve with me. If you have an opinion on this story, or my stance on it, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Songwriting vs. Musicianship

April 30, 2009 at 10:06 pm (Misc)

Kurt Cobain

This question, although very straightforward, is EXTREMELY tough for me to answer, especially now as I try and write lyrics for my own tunes. I listen to songs from supposedly great song writers like Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell and cant help but think that most of the popular stuff they have written is just completely random…People read WAY to far into their lyrics and call them geniuses when in fact most of these memorable lines are merely drunken ramblings (Ina-gadda-davida comes to mind). The issue with this is that its very hard to create a memorable piece of poetry, meaningful or not; I plan on becoming a professional writer sometime in the future, and still I find myself hunched over a notebook for hours trying to come up with something catchy….needlessly to say my creative well seems to be dry. On the other hand, as a musician, I truly appreciate bands that let the music do the talking for them. I will take a great guitar riff over a solid vocal chorus everytime… I will be the first to admit that musicianship is rare in today’s musical scene, but aren’t great lyricists also rare? This is just a topic to ponder over, I look forward to seeing the results!

Also, as a side not, I hope that all those in areas effected by Swine Flu remain safe…I think the media is largely blowing this disease out of proportion (see SARS and Avian Flu), but it is still pretty scary thing, especially with the lack of security around the US-Mexican border. Be smart: wash your hands, cover your mouth, etc…I know it all sounds really cliche, but it really is truly important!

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Happy 4/20….

April 20, 2009 at 8:41 pm (Misc)

As some of you may know, today, April 20th, is National Marijuana day. When I was in high school this “holiday” meant a lot to me, but I have found that as I have matured, I can’t help but regret the amount of time I wasted using that stuff. I am all for the legalization of Cannabis for several reasons (takes away drug cartel money flow, creates jobs, revenue for the government through taxation, etc..), but I would discourage anyone from becoming a chronic user like I was. As I look back now, I began using weed to fit in with a group of people…I know, stupid right? Pretty soon after that I started to rely on marijuana to chill me out and make me happy. Its not truly addictive like other harder drugs are, but the psychological need can get pretty strong after you have used for a while. I would encourage people to try it atleast once, just to get some perspective…I see politicians talk about the “evil of marijuana” and it just makes me laugh…If any of them bothered to sit down and try it they would realize how harmless it truly is. I haven’t smoked in several months now, and although I miss it sporadically (or at least the things associated with it), I can see where the some of the detractors are coming from. Anyways, for the people that are choosing to celebrate 4/20, have a happy and safe time!

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Bands that I have been listening to lately..

April 18, 2009 at 11:54 pm (Misc, Music)

Its been a while since I have made just a casual post, so I figured I would write about some of the bands that have really interested me lately…I am not huge into the super non-main stream and underground (mostly because the music scene up here in Alberta is small an untalented), but I have been digging some late 90’s stuff recently.

  • Scott Weiland Bands-Or more specifically, Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. “Interstate Love Song” might be one of my favorite songs at this point…it includes an interesting chord progression which I appreciate musically, as well as a catchy rhythm with meaningful lyrics. Overall, I think STP is really overlooked by most of the public…They have produced numerous good songs throughout the years along with a few truly classic albums (I would strongly suggest picking up Purple). Fun fact: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was the one that found them and boosted them into the main-stream. Velvet Revolver has only produced one album as of yet (Contraband although 2nd one is already semi released) but damn was it a good one. With songs like “Fall to Pieces” reaching commercial popularity, they are fairly popular band currently. My personal favorite: “Slither”. Classic Slash, complicated riff’s and all.
  • Sound Garden- …Hell of a band. Although greatly overshadowed by contemporary artists like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, Sound Garden managed to produce one single that remains popular to this day (“Black Hole Sun”), while producing numerous others than remain precious to their fans. “Spoonman” and “Jesus Christ Pose” are among my favorite SG singles, but I would strongly suggest picking up or downloading their first two albums (Badmotorfinger and Superunknown). Fun Fact: Chris Cornell, the bands front man and eventual lead singer of Audioslave, started out as the bands drummer but was moved up front when he decided to start singing for the group.
  • Motorhead- Ha sorry I don’t know how to do the dots over the o. I can’t say much about Motorhead that hasn’t already been said… living legends. This is pure hard rock/metal at its fast and toughest best. They removed the blues ( or pentatonic) influence behind most metal bands up to that point, amped up the tempo, and proceeded to take the metal world by storm. Any song or album they have is worth listening to on principle alone.

Just a few of my current favorites….Their is just way too much good music out there to listen too. Somtimes its hard, as a musician, to digest it all…but hey, that wont stop me from trying! Thanks for the read!

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Losing a friend….

April 11, 2009 at 5:30 pm (Misc)

The longer i get into my life the more I realize how important pets are. Despite how cruel and unflinching the outside world can be, pets manage to put the good stuff into the forefront of our lives. They teach us lessons, even in death, which help us to lead a better and more meaningful existence. I lost one of my dogs today. He had lung cancer and was in pain and thus it was necessary, but I find myself almost beyond tears for the gaping hole he is going to leave in my life. Dealing with grief is a skill I haven’t yet perfected, so I find myself staring blankly at puppy photos and other mementos to try and remember the times that made this animal special too me. Like the time he ate my brothers birthday cake (I think he is still mad!), or the countless times he found it in his heart to make me happy when I was sad. I am going to miss him with all of my heart, and although I know I will get over it eventually, I also know there will always be something missing. Goodbye old friend.

Cosmo Cadien (2001-2009)

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